Cobra Khan EP

The lead single to the new EP from Cobra Khan took an unexpected and interesting direction that I’m really digging – a shift of focus in dark melodies has made In Frays to something that sounds more “gothic” than I had been accustomed to expect from the band. I really, really like it. If you’re a fan of The Horrors, for example, seriously check it out.

So, anyway, I was interested to hear the remaining three tracks from their new, self titled, EP released today.

It’s an EP of almost two halves – opening with a thunderous onslaught which is more reminiscent of the sound that Cobra Khan fans already know and love with Cages, and Walking Wires serving as a sort of bridge from that harder sound to what I wonder might be a new direction. It’s heavy and hard and undeniably exhilarating – but the electronic and industrial vibe of Ashvin stands out for me the most. It’s uncompromising; heavy and a little bit frightening – especially as it distorts the fuck out of itself. Brilliant.

- review by Andrew Tidball

Avialable via Bandcamp, iTunes, Amplifier, and Marbecks. Spotify soon!

Watch the video for In Frays here….

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