The Bridge is a Danish / Swedish co-produced crime drama which follows the criminal investigation when a dead body is found on the mid-point of of the Øresund Bridge, which connects Copenhagen in Denmark with Malmö in Sweden. In fact, to be more correct, it’s actually half of two different bodies sliced at the waist and placed together. The top half is of a Swedish politician and the bottom half from a Danish prostitute.

Because the body / bodies were discovered on the border – the criminal jurisdiction is split and detectives from both Sweden and Denmark are assigned to work together on the case. The case escalates and gets more and more bizarre as the perpetrator has seemingly spend months, if not years, plotting a series of crimes designed to throw light on social injustices he feels need to be highlighted, in gruesome fashion.

Saga Norén is the cop from Sweden, played, rather brilliantly by Sofia Helin. And while it’s never overtly mentioned in the show, she displays symptoms that might be considered consistent with Asperger syndrome. Her idiosyncrasies seem to be constantly shrugged off by the cast and script as just being a little bit different. Her Danish partner is a little bit more ‘meat and potatoes’ kinda cop – the kinda guy who just does ‘good police work’ if he were in The Wire – but obviously also screws up his personal life. The characters are perhaps a little cliche but the script is entertaining enough to let me look past them.

It’s a drama of similar pace to The Killing and if you enjoyed that series, this is one that you’d do well to check out too. I’m still part way through the series at the time of writing this and each episode has some weird quirky unexpected twist or turn that makes it compelling and enjoyable viewing.

A second season has been commissioned and production recently commenced. And, like the Killing before it, a US remake is now in the works too – basing their dead body on the US/Mexican border. - review by Andrew Tidball

THE BRIDGE is out on DVD through Madman Entertainment now.


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