GATEKEEPER (NYC) to play one NZ show only – in Puppies

Gatekeeper, the electronic music duo from Brooklyn, NYC are coming to New Zealand for one show only, at PUPPIES in Wellington.

Grimes is a fan – if her twitter post is anything to go by : “gatekeeper — holy shit”

Playing at Blink (A Low Hum)’s new venue Puppies on November 25th.

From the press release :
Gatekeeper’s 2010 EP Giza demonstrated the duo’s acumen for pop horror, contouring both the sinister and camp of bygone synthesizer-driven soundtracks. The EP was accompanied by a video for each of the six tracks on the album, rendered in brilliant 3D. Both the album and videos received critical support for their intelligent and humorous take on the bizarre pairing of John Carpenter myopia with industrial discotheque.

Staying true to their roots, their latest album Exo is also an expert surgery in which Gatekeeper takes a scalpel to big-American-dance inundation, revealing a throbbing and insistent heart with HD exotica at its core. This is no surprise to those who have witnessed Aaron David Ross as producer and performer, or Matthew Arkell’s highly imaginative production style. Both Aaron and Matthew are pre-occupied with what it means to engage in a high-definition society.

Sharing an apartment in New York, Aaron and Matthew approach Gatekeeper not as a band or a production duo, but as an immersive audiovisual experience. To that end, Exo has been complemented by a first-person gaming environment designed by Tabor Robak, in which one explores various worlds inspired by the tracks on the album. To exist in an immersive interactive simulation is truly befitting of the album’s simultaneously organic and synthetic nature.

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