Line of Duty [TV REVIEW]

Line of Duty is a 5 episode British police drama which tells the story of an investigation into a dirty high-flying cop Detective Chief Inspector Tony Gates by the anti-corruption unit.

We watched the screeners of the first two episodes and are gagging for more – the cliffhanging ending to episode two was totally unexpected and awesome. Obviously I go into any details for fear of spoiling – but damnnnnn….

Leading the investigation is Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott, played ably by Martin Compston teamed up with Vicky McClure (who played Lol in This Is England) as DC Kate Fleming. Neil Morrissey makes an unexpected, to me, appearance as a walking-sticked cop-with-tude – Tony in Man Behaving Badly was always so affable.

There’s a great balance of pace struck in the storytelling – back-stories are revealed without being labored – and intrigue created with the sense that nothing is fully laid bare; presumably not till the end – although I have read a second season; without the Tony Gates character has been commissioned.

Edge of seat smart thrills.

Line of Duty screens in NZ on Sky’s Soho Channel Tuesdays from 20 November at 8.30pm

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