TOP 5 COSBYS SONGS : from Papa Crawdaddy aka Matthew Crawley

The Cosbys are on the Lil Chief Xmas Party line-up on Saturday night at Kings Arms, so Cheese on Toast asked the infamous Matthew Crawley (Papa Crawdaddy) to provide us his current Top 5. He replied that his favorite songs are all Cosbys songs – “the greatest band in the world!”

I have to say, I’m totally fine with talking about how much I love my own band’s songs here. I don’t write them! Peter and Stephen Crabbs are the genius Holland and Dozier of Auckland City, and when they set their minds to it, which is hardly ever, they almost always come up with a masterpiece. Here are five of my close personal favourites…

1. Speechin’
This song has almost brought a tear to my eye in the past when singing it. Of course the lyrics are as generic and nonsensical as a motivational soul song can be, but despite the band’s best effort, I still manage to find meaning and power within it. Maybe within myself. Which, I think, is the point of the song.

2. Soul Of A Man (Heart Of A Woman)
I thought The Cosbys were destined to be a greatest hits band, then all of a sudden I arrived at band practice to discover the boys had written one of the Greatest Hits of all… This song firmly established us a functioning neotet, with Princess Chelsea and Jamie-Lee coming into their own with a sweet little verse, touting very old fashioned and very sexist, but also quite silly, values. Our most direct nod to Dexy’s Midnight Runners yet.

3. Keep On Livin’
Another one from our newer lot. This is and always will be the song we close with. If you don’t love life by the end of this song, go and get your stupid head checked. It’s even got actions. If we played more than once a year, you might even remember how they went, and do the actions with us.

4. Whose Girl
I remember at our very first last show ever, at The Schooner Tavern, however many hundred people had turned out for it, all singing the lyrics back to us on this tune… greatest feeling ever! Especially since it’s yet another comically bitter song about some girl who’s done me / the songwriter wrong. Nobody has ever done me wrong, and I always feel like a shit singing these songs.

5. I dunno, they’re all good. Come see us play.

This Saturday – Nov 24 at Kings Arms
Only $5

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