MISFIT MOD is the stage name for London based Sarah Kelleher formerly from Christchurch here in New Zealand. Her long-crafted debut album is being released early next year – but first up is the release of her sultry and dreamy single Sugar C in December via Brooklyn label Stars & Letters.

Stars & Letters are releasing the single in a very limited edition vinyl 7″ (only 200 copies) in screen printed (by hand) covers designed by People of Print with artwork by Brooke Olsen on December 4th.

Sarah Kelleher started her MISFIT MOD project as far back as 2007, when “following a string of shitty events that Kelleher would rather not talk about” she started spending her nights in a makeshift studio in a corner room in an apparel factory – “For 6 to 8 hours every day, Kelleher would go to her office and record, eventually laying the foundation for a debut album, Islands & Islands, a record she would continue obsessing over for years.” we’re told.

She left NZ in 2008, spending the next two years traveling across Northern Europe – “tweaking beats in Oxford and Amsterdam, writing and rewriting her lyrics in Paris, polishing her vocal melodies in Berlin” – and the album is now complete and will be released on 19 Feb 2013, entitled Islands & Islands.

Stream the single Sugar C here :

And if you like – download the mp3 for free here

And if you really like – pre-order the 7″ here

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