POPSTRANGERS album details

POPSTRANGERS debut album will be released on 1 March 2013 in Australia and New Zealand via Spunk Records.

The band have already inked a deal to release the album, titled Antipodes, in the US via Carpark Records; and have already released singles / Eps firstly independently and then via Flying Nun.

“Antipodes begins with a wavering chord from a classic rock organ in ‘Jane’, over which the band layers gently oscillating bass, a razor-sharp guitar riff and the faintest hint of a tambourine, until the song rotates on its axis with the introduction of Flyger’s shadowy vocals, enveloped in noise.
Popstrangers revel in this conflict, playing with dynamics and tempo to whip their droning melodies and tightly wound riffs into utter frenzy.” says the press release from Spunk Records, which goes on to say :

“The band formed in 2009, when its members connected over their shared histories of bad day jobs, stints in other bands and a desire to make music with like-minded people. With a name conceived last-minute before their first official show, Popstrangers’ ambitions have grown since their days of simply gigging in Auckland. Spending the last few years honing their live show, they have performed on the Big Day Out, received widespread praise after showcasing at this year’s CMJ Festival, and were nominated for the Critics’ Choice Award at last year’s New Zealand Music Awards.”

And Pitchfork had this to say about current singe Heaven (which you can stream below)

“’Heaven’ suggests that Popstrangers have to be studiously familiar with the structures and expectations of pop music, since the buildup sounds like the work of guys who can act like they’ve been there before.”

Here is the album cover art and track-list

1. Jane
2. In Some Ways
3. Witches Hand
4. What Else Could They Do
5. Cat’s Eyes
6. Full Fat
7. Heaven
8. Roy Brown
9. 404
10. Occasion

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