bFM Top Ten – 28 November 2012

Auckland riot-grrl punk three-piece GRRLFRIENDZ make it to the top of the bFM Top Ten this week!

HDSPNS hold steady at number two with no vowels, while Tame Impala claws up one space to number three.

New entries this week – the brand new tune from She’s So Rad “Time” at number 4 and teh most excellent Don’t Waste My Time by Heart Attack Alley finally cracks into the top ten at number 7, and following their stunning (a lot of the audience actually seemed actually stunned / dumbfounded) performance at the Lil Chief Xmas Party, with Matthew Crawely as the baby Jesus in an on-stage nativity scene wearing a nappy – THE COSBYS slip in at number 9.

Last week’s number one – Rackets have dropped to number 5 – and long time charters and previous number 1 spot holders Xuri Xruz have dipped out of the chart this week, as have Sex Pest.

1. GRRLFRIENDZ — “Streetkings”

2. H D S P N S — “Total Clarity”

3. Tame Impala — “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”

4. She’s So Rad — “Time”

5. Rackets — “Snake In The Grass”

6. SJD — “These Are The Names”

7. Heart Attack Alley — “Don’t Waste My Time”

8. Suren Unka — “Alice”

9. The Cosbys — “Soul Of A Man”

10. P$YCHIC MAP$ — “Never Gonna Hold U Now”

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