New project / band from HANNAH CURWOOD – MOVIE RAIN

Cheese on Toast got an eMail from Hannah Curwood this morning. She’s in London, with a broken leg, actually, at the time of typing this, she’s eMailing from a mobile device, at Shepherd’s Bush waiting too see Sharon Van Etten live.

But the reason she eMailed was to tell me, and you, Cheese on Toast readers, of her new band, called Movie Rain.

“We had been playing over here as Hannah Curwood & The Good Girls and were going to put the album out under that name….but having reflected on it have decided to re-brand – the new material is vastly removed in style and content from my older stuff, and it’s nice to be able to start from scratch in a way and get rid of the ‘singer-songwriter’ association, as this really is a band project. ” she tells me.

Hannah’s been working with Hugh Harlow who she met in Dunedin, but now works at SAE in London and had access to their studios and also with Roger O’Donnell of The Cure – recording vocals,piano and synths at his country house in Devon.

There will be 10 track album titled Dark Summer Dawn released in April 2013 – but in the meantime we can stream this song Only Wanna Be – which is in an un-mixed state “so will probably morph a bit before official release” Hannah cautions.

Hannah also included these words to accompany listening to the song :

The songs are vivid emotional narratives, encapsulating a dark, ephemeral beauty within a cocoon of rippling Telecaster, nymphic vocal layers, earthy string harmonics, commanding piano/synth and the brooding pulse of an orchestral percussionist on the kit. Movie Rain is powerful shadow-pop, Movie Rain is beautiful…

movie rain rushes like blood in your ears and pools into mirrored lattice. movie rain bays like a lone hound on night moors and whispers softly like dawn light lovers. movie rain is twitched from wild ears in dark vales and shaken from manes in verdant, white-post pasture. movie rain is lamp-lit and mists, fine in your hair. movie rain is crystalline melody and the thud thud thrum of an upstairs saturday. movie rain is imbued with tragedy and hope. movie rain rushes towards you at a million miles an hour. movie rain is feminine wiles and wit. movie rain is the bat of a stranger’s lashes. movie rain is two pairs of parted lips. movie rain is a torrent over a black burning pier. movie rain falls soundless into oceans and screams through the night. movie rain is beauty, in all her forms. movie rain cascades over guttering and pools, amber in the street. movie rain is possibility. movie rain is love.

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