The fairly new dj team GLOBAL WARMING DJs make their debut Libertine appearance this weekend. Cheese on Toast asked ‘em what their fave tunes are right now and Anthony told us his Top 5…

1. Better Friends – Why SL feat Amelia Murray

Leroy (Why SL, Banglade$h) is a friend, but this isn’t why I’m posting this track. I’m a real sucker for hooks, and this track is full of them. Dreamy guitars give way to the vocal melody, which conducts the dramatic push-pull of the track. Some parts seem strangely reminiscent of a more poppy Connan Mokasin track.

2. Inhaler – Foals

I’ve never been a big Foals guy, Antidotes was catchy but always seemed a sum of everything and anything else. This new track from their upcoming album ‘Holy Fire’ explodes’ like a guitar-based orgasm (aren’t they all?).

3. Thee Oh Sees – The Dream

A rough, raw, psychadelic take on garage rock, with shades of Guided By Voices production. I’m always impressed when a garage band pops up, considering pop (and even alternative) music’s shift away from guitar-based bands. The erratic guitar solos’s remind me of a coke’d up Neil Young.

4. Baby That Would Be Alright – The Low Low

Quite often when one hears the musical output of a friend, you can feel obliged to be “into it”. This was not the case with The Low Low, a project by Auckland-based singer/songwriter and friend Catherine Walker. It’s divine, ethereal and paired with tasteful production, the song resonates with me further upon every listen.

5. I Am The Resurrection – The Stone Roses

This song may not really count for my current “Top 5’s” as it’s easily one of my favourite songs of all time. The recent tour announcement has got me on another real Stone Roses buzz, hence it’s resurrection (sorry). Best band.

GLOBAL WARMING DJs are Anthony Metcalf and Jonathan Morgan
They play Libertine this Friday evening from 6pm

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