Wellington based HOLLYWOODFUN DOWNSTAIRS are headed to Auckland this weekend – playing Lucha Lounge in Newmarket on Saturday night with Mason Clinic and Threat Meet Protocol.

Cheese on Toast asked Kurt from the band what five tunes are presently spinning his wheels :

1-Palma Violets:

This is a new English band I stumbled across while looking through Rough Trade Records, very new and touring relentlessly
across the UK under the NME umbrella – could be a possible hook up for us when we go over end of next year to promote ourselves.

2-Tera Melos:

Well hahaha very tech but very spacey – something Hollywoodfun Downstairs likes – I would recommend this band to people
interested in weird gear/timings/omar’ish characters etc.

3-The Joy Formidable:

A band previously named ‘Sidecar Kisses’ from Wales had the pleasure of playing a show with them in London back in 2007.
I always have a few of their tracks on my ‘painting’ list, this one is so cool live and well presented on disc.
By the way the front-woman is fascinating!

4-Arthur Brown:

My dad introduced me to this crazy man back in the 80s and he has lately appeared on my playlist – the crazy crazy world of
Arthur brown still makes me crack up and dance like a naked navajo indian.
if you have’nt seen or heard this before its ON like donkey kong

5-Pete Philly

A dutch artist who i have mad respect for, this song takes my mind back to Holland – i showed my Fiance this and she
loved it from day one, something that we have a bond to (time flies, indeed Olga)!

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