Death and Captivity by MILKSHAKES [STREAM / DOWNLOAD]

Michael McClelland aka Milkshakes sent us this song earlier this week with the following explanation:

“I still remember the one rainy day at work in February 2011, while placing posters out on the street in West Auckland, when I collapsed out of sheer desperation at my inability to fight a world I was consigned to. It was a transcendent feeling of nausea, as though my soul wanted to vomit. I was unbearably sad and I didn’t know why. Around that time, I started writing this song.

Guy Picciotto, who played in a favourite band of mine, Rites Of Spring, once sang:

“I can’t sing this song without wondering why”.

I’ve always felt this powerful sentiment applied directly to all areas of my life. Why do we do shit that we simply don’t want to do? I don’t have the answer. It’s not living – it’s just plain old surviving. Another organism under the clutches of natural selection.

Every early morning march that leads me into a shiny office, or into the messy depths of a kitchen, where other human beings feel my obligation to not die earns them the right to intimidate me and manipulate my emotions, I sing this song to myself in my head.

This is my one ‘fuck you’ to the people who think they govern me.

It’s off an album that I never really got around to finishing – if people like this song enough, I guess I’ll try get it done.”

I understand that Michael is presently looking for work. If you have a position open for which you think he is suitable, please contact me and I’ll pass his information on.

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