The latest single from THEE RUM COVES is deceptively simple. It’s also called Simple Little Lie.

THEE RUM COVES capture that sixties garage rock n roll thang so very well, so well in fact it’s easy to think you are actually listening to an old discovered gem of the ilk of The Monks rather than a fresh cut from an Auckland based four-piece.

The rhyming couplets are smart, snappy and tight and the melody quite undeniably catchy while remaining sufficiently elusive so as to not become tiresome. And don’t even get me started on the swing of this tune. It’s just great!

They’ve put the single out for name-your-price on their bandcamp (below) – it’s the first single from a forthcoming (Feb / Mar 2013) self titled album which will be released on vinyl; as all good music like this sound be.

Note – Jake Harding of THEE RUM COVES interviewed Dick Taylor of THE PRETTY THINGS (playing tomorrow night (Tue 11 Dec 2012) at Powerstation in Auckland) for Cheese on Toast a couple of months back – read it here

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