TOP DOZEN : Tuesday 18 Dec 2012

Here is the CHEESE ON TOAST TOP DOZEN for Tuesday 18 December 2012 – the twelve most loved tracks at Cheese on Toast mansion this week!

In reverse order…

12 – OF MONSTERS AND MEN – Little Talks
Remember how awesome it was a couple of years back when Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros played at big day out? I predict same feelings when these Icelanders play at Laneway next year. People who make Mumford & Sons comparisons can just f–k the right off.

11 – DISCLOSURE – Latch feat Sam Smith
From the British garage-house duo’s forthcoming debut album. Loving the moody SBTRKT-y vibes of this one.

10 – THEE RUM COVES – Simple Little Lie
The first single from the forthcoming long-player from Auckland garage-rock four piece it’s gutsy and punky and is reminds me (in a great way) of Billy Childish and the Buff Medways. I am totally digging this tune.

9 – BIG BOI – Thom Pettie feat Little Dragon and Killer Mike
A track from the new Big Boi solo album – Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumours. Big Boi recently explained that when you go out for a wild night with no clue where you’ll end up it’s called free falling – “That’s called Tom Pettying! If you Tom Petty for the night, you don’t know where you’re going to end up at in the morning.” This track features two of my favorite artists on the co-lab too.

8 – THE RUBY SUNS – Kingfisher, Call Me
The first single from the forthcoming new album from The Ruby Suns, titled Christopher – which, if this single is any indication will be an even sleeker/shiny affair than previous works. I’m really looking forward to it.

7 – MANIC SHEEP – La La La
Big thanks to Johnny – regular reader of these pages – who offered Manic Sheep as a worthy suggestion to fill the gap in my Taiwanese shoe-gaze collection. Fuzzy guitars juxtaposed by sugary sweet vocal melodies. A winning combination all around the world…

Auckland three-piece have signed to US label Carpark Records (home also of The Cloud Nothings) to release their long awaited and much anticipated debut longer player – Antipodes. It’s gonna drop in the US end of Feb and a few days later back here, at home and in Australia via Spunk Records. Heaven is the album’s lead single – it lurches and plunges and rolls along like some weird gigantic cybernetic until the chorus just spins into outer space. Gorgeous, gorgeous song.

5 – A$AP ROCKY – Fucking Problems
A new album from A$AP drops quite early in the new year (18 Jan) – and Fucking Problems is the uncompromising lead single – although, as is so disappointingly the case, all the swears have been weirdly edited out for the music-clip / shit-radio mix. A$AP’s flow is impeccable and the bass on this track is killer.

4 – SOLANGE – Losing You
Geeez, I’m still listening to this song pretty much on a daily basis. I just can’t seem to shake it. Produced by Dev Haines aka Blood Orange, aka Lightspeed Champion aka the guy who used to be in Test-Icicles – Beyonce’s much, much, much cooler kid sister. This song is actually probably my favorite song of 2012.

3 – ANGEL HAZE – New York
The title track from Angel Haze’s first commercially released EP (out now) / first appeared on her mixtape The Reservation EP – Gil Scott Heron sampling; minimalist beat’d and even less compromise. Angel Haze will explode all over 2013. Predict!

The latest single from Auckland punk-trio Street Chant – the third single from their forthcoming sophomore album proves that their excellent debut Means was in no way a fluke – Emily, Billie and Alex have got the MF’ing goods. In spades. I’m so freaking excited about the new record. This is snarky and awesome.

1 – PAQUIN – Gunn

The new single from Paquin – from a forthcoming EP due for release in Autumn 2013. This track oscillates from moody verses to party-throb chorus – back-n-forth in total awesomeness. So. Fucking. Great.

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