TOP DOZEN : Saturday 22 Dec 2012

Busting out the TOP DOZEN a few days earlier ‘cos its xmas time, yo (ho-ho-ho) – three new entries to the top 12 this week; Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and local mystery Lorde finally appear in the chart and a brand new entry by annoy-sters* Icona Pop…

*sure it’s annoying, but also so damned catchy!

Top 12 in reverse order …

12 – LORDE – Royals
I have to be honest and admit that I have been resisting the charms of this electro-pop number from apparent ‘mystery’ act LORDE. I’ve been told that she’s 16 years old from somewhere in New Zealand. Initially, I confess to finding it just a ‘little too polished” but before I knew it I found myself singing along to the hook when I wasn’t even listening to the tune. Talk about ear-worm!

11 – OF MONSTERS AND MEN – Little Talks
Okay sure, these guys are all over your parents Tv sets, but whatevs – this is super-summery. gonna be rad-cool at Laneway!

10 – MANIC SHEEP – La La La
Taiwanese shoe-gaze anyone? Don’t mind if I do, actually.



While I confess to being annoyed by the teenage-txt-speak of the title of this song; it’s been impossible to ignore the gorgeous haunting-ness of it and forgive that minor transgression. From the forthcoming new album Push The Sky Away out in Feb 2013.

8 – SOLANGE – Losing You
Yep. Still loving this. Still play it everyday.

7 – THE RUBY SUNS – Kingfisher, Call Me

Gently edging it’s way up the Cheese on Toast Top Dozen, this week, Kingfisher, Call Me with it’s silky smooth nu r’n’b stylings a la Lemonade, Inc, Frank Ocean etc etc … so excited for the new album early next year.


No shift at the number 6 spot this week, with Heaven by Popstrangers holding firm.

5 – A$AP ROCKY – Fucking Problems
Obviously I prefer the version with the swears still intact. Holding firm at number five again this week.

4 – ICONA POP – I Love It
I am, I confess, possibly quite ridiculous for liking this track as much as I actually do. It’s bratty and stupid and, sure, pretty annoying. I guess it’s all the things about it that I should hate, when all rammed together here, really appeal to me. I have no idea how long this feeling will last though.

3 – PAQUIN – Gunn

Still digging the latest single from PAQUIN from a forthcoming EP to be released next year by the Auckland based four-piece. 95bFM just picked up on this tune and play-listed it too.

2 – ANGEL HAZE – New York

With minimalist beats and minimalist compromise – Angel Haze is definitely one to watch in 2013. Also, if you haven’t already – search out her Cleaning Out My Closet – it’s devastating.


Street Chant’s latest single has climbed up to the top of the Cheese on Toast Top Dozen. Brattish melodies fo’ lyf!

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