No Destruction by FOXYGEN [STREAM]

A massive thanks to Cheese on Toast reader / old friend James for the tip to check out Foxygen – a indie duo from California, who, according to Pitchfork are / were “high school kids obsessed with the Brian Jonestown Massacre”.

There’s a few of tracks from their forthcoming sophomore album coming out on Jagjaguwar, titled “We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic” floating around – and in particular I draw your attention to this stream of No Destruction – which, my friend James, kinda nails on the head with a description “The Clean stoned with Bob (Dylan)”.

Here’s the stream :

It starts of simply enough with a shuffle and gentle keys; but when that voice drops like a slide vocal slide guitar on the last syllable of each rhyming couplet in the first verse (it’s a device repeated in subsequent verses too) something quite magical just happens. Velvet Underground and Pavement are clearly referenced here too. But; while the song is a sum of those inspirations there’s something uniquely not the things that it also is. If you get what I mean?

Also there’s an amazing line “There’s no need to be an asshole/ You’re not in Brooklyn anymore”

The album is produced by Richard Swift who ‘discovered’ them back in early 2011 and produced their Take the Kids Off Broadway EP.

The new single from the new album is “San Francisco” and it’s progressions are pretty damned addictive. They appropriate “I left my love in San Francisco” but add the response “That’s okay, I was bored anyway”. Check the music video for it here

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