THE PHOENIX FOUNDATION announce new album – reveal tracklist and cover art PLUS offer a free MP3 download

The new PHOENIX FOUNDATION album will be released in NZ via Universal on 26th April – it’s titled Fandango.

Apparently recorded in four different studios over a fifteen month period ; partly recorded at Neil Finn’s Roundhead studios in Auckland; partly in a barn in the ‘depths of NZ countryside… in the middle of winter, fire blazing in the recording studio, cardigans on”; but mostly at the band’s own HQ – The Car Club in Wellington, before mixing at The Surgery with Lee Prebble.

The album clocks in at 78 minutes in length and is due to be released on double disc vinyl in a gatefold (as well as on CD and I guess, digitally).

Samuel Flynn Scott says “Damn the zeitgeist, I still rejoice in the pan-sexual opulence of a double gate-fold vinyl album. Honestly I’m thoroughly satisfied that we have made 80 minutes of tripped out pop oddities that pays absolutely no attention to the short form game of contemporary music. This is Test Match music, maybe it’s prog or psyche-folk, whatever it is it’s music that we thought about a lot, worked on a lot and care about in the minutia.”

Fandango tracklisting:

Disk 1
Black Mould
Modern Rock
The Captain
Thames Soup
Evolution Did
Inside Me Dead

Disk 2
Morning Riff
Sideways Glance
Friendly Society

Stream the lead single The Captain here

Or there’s a free download (in exchange for an eMail address) from their UK label Memphis Industries here:


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