New MY BLOODY VALENTINE album seems to have crashed servers

MY BLOODY VALENTINE announced via their Facebook Page that they have released their brand new album titled M.B.V. – their first in 22 years – on their website – but seemingly the server has not been able to keep up with the traffic load and fans have not been able to access the album.

The Guardian reported :
A physical version appears likely to be made available. A vinyl edition is reportedly “ready to go”, and Shields has previously discussed the importance of having a physical artefact. “It’s going to come out on vinyl, with the CD as a secondary thing in the vinyl,” he said last year. “You could just put it on a website or something, but when something seems to have a soul it’s nice to give it a soul, which is to put it in a physical format.”

If anyone has managed to access the album via the bands site please post a comment here to tell us what it’s like!

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