TOP DOZEN : Monday 4 February 2013

It’s been a wee while since our last “Chart” – cos “we ain’t into your social constructs, man”.

But ‘we’ will count down teh TOP 12 from 12 down to 1 in a traditional chart-like manner – but that’s as far as ‘we’ll’ go….

12 – UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA – So Good At Being In Trouble
This track of the new (and amazing) album II has been my favorite on the record from the get-go. It’s just hypnotically good.

11 – YOUTH LAGOON – Dropla
From the forthcoming sophomore record from Youth Lagoon aka Trevor Powers. The new record is, Powers explains, “fascinated with the human psyche and where the spiritual meets the physical world.” – this track is gorgeously psychedelic and wistful.

Rahhh- BRMC are back – tribal drums; guitar feedback swirls; general noisy awesome-ness. New album in March. Yusss!

9 – SOLANGE – Some Things Never Seem To Fucking Work
Oh, Solange, how I love thee. But, you’re right, it’ll never work.

8 – SCALPER feat CLAIRE DUNCAN – Lullaby

This track is disturbingly good and haunting. I love how ‘on edge’ it manages to put me. Disconcerting and wonderful.

7 – THE RUBY SUNS – In The Real Life
So, you know Pitchfork got it so totally wrong when they reviewed the new album from The Ruby Suns, aye? Jus’ sayin’

This music video is awesome-balls too.

6 – FOALS - My Number
This song is bangin’ – I works on dancefloors too – I totally tested it!
New albumout end of this week – excite-balls!

5 – SUEDE – It Starts and Ends With You
Sure, Barriers was good – but this is much more like the SUEDE we know and love. Like a crack in a radiator. Brilliant.

Oh yeah, just casually, there’s a new MY BLOODY VALENTINE album called MBV. I’m currently vibe-ing to this particular track from it – gently phasing and throbbing as it does. Ain’t no thang.

3 – PALMA VIOLETS – Best Of Friends
Ok, so this single came out last year – but somehow I missed it – and I have whipped myself with cord from a bedside lamp in disgrace. But the album, called 180, is out at the end of February and I’ve got a sneaky advance-y copy and it’s fripping awesome. So there.

2 – GOAT – Goatman

My friend Andre Halford told me about these crazy mofo’s – Swedish voodoo shizzles. I think their brilliant. And weird. Like if Grimes did hard rock. But not really – much better than that, actually. I ordered the album on vinyl and got one of the remaining copies for sale. Can’t wait till it arrives in the mailbox!

1 – FOXYGEN – No Destruction
From the most excellent “We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic” LP. This psychedelic duo are just fan-bloody-tastic. There’s no need to be ann asshole, you’re not in Brooklyn anymore.

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