Big thunderous sludgy guitars and angry shouty vocals. At times, break-neck thrashes and others mammoth slabby throbs of feedback drenched noise. That, irreverent and venomous good times, is pretty much what one can expect from Honeys – the new album from Matt Korvette et al – aka Pissed Jeans. Let’s be honest, even if you hadn’t heard of them before – given that moniker, it’s probably not a cd that’ll be rushing out the door of retailers just before Mothers Day.

But the true brilliance of Pissed Jeans is their ability to sound really f-cking angry about the most mundane issues and trivial problems facing us. It’s a little reminiscent of that cool video clip of poor, starving people in the third world reading out first-world problems/complaints about wi-fi not working properly or your battery on your iPhone running flat, or that Facebook chat wasn’t working yesterday because you hadn’t updated your Flash plug-in thing. It reminds us of perspective. It’s not about being holier than thou’ – but it is about taking a moment to stop and think about how, for example, even if you earned the legal NZ minimum wage of $13.50 / hr for a 40hr/week job you are still (according to www.globalrichlist.com) the 107,565th richest person in the world. Out of 7 billion. Those sort of statistics kinda mess with your head, right? But it’s not saying “so stop complaining you pissy lil bitch” because, despite the factoid that 6.9billion people are financially worse off than you right now – it’s still, actually, okay to get angry that the world actually exists like that.

So Pissed Jeans write angry songs about how internet dating is a mine-field of deceit or that cafeteria food is really gross and unhealthy, or how straight guys kinda stare at girls and it’s creepy, or that you have an allergy to cat hair. They write about the human condition of complaint; the fact and irony that no matter how happy you are, you probably will find something to complain about. And as my mum has always told me, no matter what, there is always someone worse off than you and to appreciate what you do have while still striving to do your part to make the world a little bit better for having you in it. So, what I am actually saying is, that while mum probably wouldn’t dig the sonic landscape of this record, the message is something she’d be down with.

RATING : GREAT (and perversely recommended for mothers day)


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