Virtual Postcard from TWO CARTOONS – part 1

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The Auckland/Dunedin duo recently relocated to London at the request of their UK based label Far South Records and they have agreed to send back virtual postcards to Cheese on Toast to share their experiences, trials and tribulations.

Here is part one.

Greetings. Lets get the boring shit out of the way first. My name is Isaac; I am one half of the Dunedin, and occasionally Auckland, silliness loving, guitar pop band Two Cartoons. We have released two EP’s, toured New Zealand and a tiny slice of Melbourne. We have been fortunate to be picked up by a London based record company called Far South Records, recorded our debut album in Thailand and now, on their request, permanently relocated to rolling grey cobblestoned metropolis know as London. And now here we are. Two kids, technically adults but being thrust into the unknown, soaking us in that excited yet terrified sensation of your first day at high school.

This reoccurring blog will be our main link to our past life and the people we have the pleasure of calling friends and family that we have left behind. This blog will not be music industry propaganda; it will not be an advertisement for our band. That is what Pitchfork and Facebook are for. My aim for this series is to focus on our humanity and psychology as young musicians leaving a country with less people than the city we now find ourselves in and its real world consequences. Many bands have left the land of the long white cloud and, regardless of success, have seemed to disappear as people, sending no stories or missives back to tell of their trials and tribulations. I hope that this diary will be not only an avenue to record my adventure, but a true depiction of what it is like to make this step so that anyone in New Zealand, be it a band or an individual, knows exactly what it will be like.

Whether it be easy or suicidal, I hope you will in a way experience and learn along with me.

I’m Isaac, an almost adult, in a monstrous, illustrious and terrifying new city, trying to do what I love.

It’s nice to meet you.

Here’s a clip shot at TWO CARTOONS’ last headlining show in NZ, joined by Carl and Peter from YOLANDA

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  1. I’m looking forward to hearing how the ‘two cartoons’ go…its exciting times and I’m sure it be many things in the way of a life experience. Go Toons!!! Show them how the south rock!

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