Busy Earnin’ by JUNGLE

This is flippin’ wonderful.

JUNGLE are a London-based collective who have recently signed to XL Recordings and Busy Earnin’ is their first single since that deal (Check out links to previous singles below).

JUNGLE are based around a core musical duo known simply as “J” and “T” – but expand to a seven piece live band JUNGLE making modern soul. Nearly all their current UK shows are sold out, and they are set to make their US live debut this month with all shows already sold out. I hope we get to see a live performance via a US talk show. In terms of a NZ visit, the label’s local representative commented “no word of a NZ visit yet.” I am hoping that the operative word is “yet”

Watch the clip here

Video for Platoon
Video for The Heat
Purchase Busy Earnin’ via iTunes

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