3 Online Slot Machines with Great Music

Featured postimage 3OnlineSlotMachineswithGreatMusic - 3 Online Slot Machines with Great Music

Unique music and great gameplay? That sounds just like the perfect recipe for gambling entertainment. Take a look at three online slots that check those boxes. From 80s sounds to classic musicals and mighty rock bands.

Space Invaders

postimage 3OnlineSlotMachineswithGreatMusic SpaceInvaders - 3 Online Slot Machines with Great Music

Developed by Playtech, Space Invaders takes inspiration from the arcade games of the 80s. Everything, from the console-like reels to the visuals and the soundtrack was designed to provide a nostalgic gambling experience.

The music selection features a beat that changes according to the action. When you are waiting for the symbols to land on the reels the music drums up.

When it’s time for the cannon to erase the aliens and transform into wild icons, you can hear a staccato burst. Every time you hit a winning combination, the music is fun and celebratory, truly reminiscent of the 80s arcades.

The Phantom of the Opera

 The Phantom of the Opera is a synonym of powerful, momentous music. The online slot themed around the musical will not let you down.

This game developed by Microgaming is based on the movie adaptation from 2004. Every aspect of the visuals and the soundtrack is consistent and authentic. The classic operatic score truly pulls you in. It is beautifully incorporated in the gameplay.

While the reels are spinning, you get to listen to the soundtrack’s main songs. In addition, the special musical moments of the play are in charge of providing the atmosphere for the bonus features.

One of the extras that are most beloved by gamblers is the chandelier bonus. The round causes the music to change as the players hear the phantom laughing at the falling of the chandelier, which is one of the most legendary moments in this theater production.

Who knew an online slot could be the entertainment go-to for theater and gambling geeks alike?

Guns N’ Roses

 Guns N’ Roses are part of rock music’s most prestigious elite. The slot machine inspired by the band is special as it features not only their songs but also music video clips of exhilarating live performances.

The slot is brought to you by NetEnt, whose games are consistently the cream of the crop in online gambling.

The Guns N’ Roses slot inaugurated NetEnt’s series of rock-inspired selections. From the moment you are introduced to the game, you get to watch a performance video clip.

The symbols and wild icons consist mainly of the band’s members and the logo. You even have control over which Guns N’ Roses track is playing as the background. When you activate a bonus feature, more clips of live performances are unveiled.

With such different options, it’s up to you to decide which of the three online slots you will try first!

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